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Welcome to the Dream Academy

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I am Gianni Heung, an Engineering Graduate from Hong Kong. Across the year, I saw a lot of individuals lose their dream by selecting the wrong team that does not meet their career expectations, which can be prevented by active career guidance.

It is how I started the dream academy.

When we set our goal, we shall follow the SMART guideline: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based. Is your current goal fits all criteria above?

Using this method we can visualize our goal with a fixed timeline and excusable plan. It can increase the chance you getting into your dream job or career.

Below is me in 2016, when I worked super long hours just to get a first-class honour degree at The University of Sheffield, I hope I can help more ambitious individuals to find their path along the way, without being as stressed as I am.

Good Luck, and May your dream come true.

Dream Catcher - Gianni Heung

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