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How long you did not improve your skill set?

Are you still rely on the skill set you learnt in university to do your job?

what if I tell you, you can actually do better than this?

The skill set we learnt at school is far not enough for us to be productive and effective at work.

Why some others are able to achieve more than me?

The answer is they upskill themself from time to time, even if your team is the best team in your company is not enough, your dancing stage is where you define it.

(Picture of me sticking my team logo in the ESA equipment box, more story about it later)

If you define it as your team, then the best you can be is the best of your team.

If it is your entire company, then it is your company. If you define it in your country, then you will only be at the top of the country.

So where is your playing field, define it and be the best version of yourself.

Dream Catcher,


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